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His official website:

Maite Novel

Novels in which Maite worked:

  • Rebelde (2004 - 2006), where he played the sweet Lupita.

  • Beware of the Angel ( Cuidado con el Angel, 2008), where he played Marichuy, starred with William Levy.

  • My Sin (Mi Pecado, 2009) which portrays Lucrecia, protagonist along with Eugenio Siller.

Maite's relationships.

During the band, Maite had a romance as the bassist, Guido Laris, which ended for unknown reasons, but many say it was because of the cuban William Levy, Maite pair of the novel ''Beware the Angel'' ( Cuidad con el Angel ), but now say she has an affair with Eugenio Siller, alongside anual novel, ''My Sin'' ( Mi Pecado).

Career with RBD :)

With RBD recorded several cd's:

- Rebelde

- Rebelde (Brazil Version)

- Nuestro Amor ( Our Love)

- Nuestro Amor ( Brazil Version)

- Celestial

- Celestial (Brazil Version)

- Rebels (Cd in English)

- Empezar Desde Cero ( From Scratch)

- Best of RBD

- Para Olvidarte de Mí ( To forget me )

It also recorded several DVD's:

- Tour Generation RBD En Vivo

- Live In Hollywood

- Hecho en España

- Live In Rio de Janeiro

- Live In Brasilia

- Tour Del Adíos: Live in São Paulo

- Así es RBD ( Sold only in U.S. )

- Celestial Fan Edition

- Best Of RBD: Music Video

Also recorded a series: RBD, the Family.

Then in August 2008, the band gave a sad news for their fans, Who the band would end.

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Sobre Maite

Maite Perroni (born on March 9, 1983, now 26 years) is an actress, singer, dancer and songwriter Mexican. She was nine months old when moved with his father Javier, his mother Maite, and his brothers, Adolfo and Paco, to Guadalajara, where he studied acting at the Center for Arts Educacion (CEA) of Televisa. After

some time in the CEA, was invited by Pedro Damian, to make the novel 'REBELDE', playing Lupita. With the rank of a group of singers formed in the novel, RBD, due to the success of the band in the novel, the band stayed with the end of it.